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Today, I'm sending the last issue in what is probably going to be a pretty long time. For now, cron.weekly doesn't fit in that list anymore. A need to read more technical content that I couldn't seem to find in a convenient form. A few years ago my role at Nucleus, my employer, shifted from a purely technical one to the role of being a manager/management.

So I started reading news & blogs more intensely and bookmarking whatever I found fascinating. It meant I was losing my touch with open source, projects, new releases, ... Writing cron.weekly forced me, on a weekly basis, to keep up with all the news, to read about new releases, to find new projects. After 2 years, a whopping 8.000 monthly newsletter readers.

It's my considered opinion that the most appropriate reply to a serious expression of this attitude involves some fingers, because really, what other reply is there to someone who believes they get to tell you what sort of work you'll do in your free time and what should matter to you? The choice of open source license matters because it changes what sort of work people are doing when they work on a project.

Some people don't care exactly what sort of work they're doing, perhaps as long as it's open source enough (and that's fine).

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A little over 2 years ago I started a weekly newsletter for Linux & open source users, called cron.weekly. tl;dr: I've got a wife, 2 kids, a (more than) full time job, 2 other side projects and a Netflix subscription.

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Having sponsors meant I had money coming in, justifying my time.

I'm not sure if the motherboard's BIOS defaults to UEFI boot or if I'll have to use the boot menu, but either way I can test it.

If the UEFI boot works I can turn on Secure Boot, at which point I will be UEFI-only.

But having sponsors also meant I had schedules, deals, commitments, ... Some sponsors want to time their new software launch with a big campaign (of which cron.weekly would be one aspect), so I can't just shift them around on a weekly basis. It's no longer a spontaneous non-committal newsletter, it's now a business. If I couldn't get it done on Friday evening, I would spend the rest of the weekend worrying that I couldn't get it done in time. I don't want to say I completely quit, because I might pick it back up again.

Sponsors -- rightfully so -- want to know when they get featured. I all honesty, I'm burned-out from writing cron.weekly. It would keep haunting me in the back of my head " of commitment, something I can't give at the moment. But for now, I need a mental break from the weekly deadlines and to be able to enjoy my weekends, once again. If returns, it will give me the ability to rethink the newsletter, the timings & my commitments.

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