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I have to recommend Roam by Kimberly Stedronsky for this list too.unteachable,damaged,losing it and Gabriel’s inferno series which I’m still reading are brilliant. I’m curious…have the women reading these books had some sort of teacher/student romance experience. It was in the 60′s and very innocent, but I like reading these books to fantasize about what might have been. It’s a phenomenal read, I highly suggest anyone to read it.A girl is working as assistant coach on her high school baseball team, however a relationship with the new coach emerges.I am looking for a book I read in I believe 2006 about a female high school student who has an affair with her male teacher and her and her friends murder him after she ends up pregnant (the murder is the twist at the end of the book). Of course, being killed had been a huge inconvenience. " "I didn't say anything," Osgood replied, less than honestly. "You..." Clara looked Osgood over, as if for the first time. She gave voice to a trembling moan; maybe to silence it, she sought Clara's mouth.She'd had a lot of things to do and she was sure there were several people who had been relying on her for work that would never be completed now. She had also been expecting some packages, and there'd been a number of coupons she hadn't used, and she was pretty sure she'd left a tab or two on her computer open to some Johnlock fic she would not like anyone else to see. Their lips pulled together, tongues meeting as eagerly as their hands swept over each other's naked bodies. Clara's hands moved with the skill of experience; Osgood's with the urgency of experimentation.

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There was also a boy named Adric who claimed to know the Doctor very well, but Osgood didn't like talking to him as much. She tried not to look into Clara's smoldering eyes. I think you've got the best of me." Osgood tried to parse this, but Clara recaptured her mouth with almost savage vigor, her upper leg moving between Osgood's pale thighs, spreading them until the two women were intertwined, mingled, their loins together, their bodies nestling close. She pushed Osgood down onto her back and then swung around to straddle Osgood's face, her own lovely visage falling into place over Osgood's loins.

Brianna: I love teacher student, but I would like more where the teacher is the female. reading a romance book, when that *oomph* hits you and you realize that you’ve just entrenched yourself in a “forbidden love” book. I much prefer “shock-value” moments to be between “18 and overs”. Or, I’ll purge these from my mind and hope to come across them in a “surprise” way. Damaged 18 yr old high school girl who hooks up with older men meets her 32 yr old film studies teacher at a carnival a week before summer break ends. It’s called “Forbidden Lessons” and is in all the usual places if you search by the title and my name (not sure if it’s appropriate to post links here).

Personally I love going into a book having no idea I’m going to hit a “touchy/controversial/shocking NO. They hookup in his car but she freaked and took off on him when he wanted to get to know her better (and because she was surprised to feel the same…) Well of course they reconnected on the first day of school and that’s when all the fun started!! I copied your list for future reference hehehe (I’m also looking forward for your updates! I would be very happy if you would like to include it.

I’m looking for a student teacher book with some dom/sub qualities but not necessarily as deep into it as “A Good Student.” Do you know of anything? I’ve discovered your blog recently and for the past 4 months all I’ve read were books you recommended.

Thank you so much for including my student-teacher romance French Kissing, Maryse! I found myself coming back to this list all the time, i guess teacher-student romances does it for me my favourite on this list is Tempting, i just loved that book too much!

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