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I came after 20 minutes, and while our original deal was for an hour (and I was expecting to cum a second time), he literally leapt out of the bed as I was still ejaculating and started getting dressed. The guys right next to me knew what was happening, but most others had no idea that while other were grooving to Crystal Waters and cruising others, I was fucking right there. Can't decide--eithera) Sucking off guys in the basement of the Triangle Denver during one of the notorious Sunday beer bust orgies, while my friends watched and a drunken black queen was loudly encouraging me "You suck it, GIRRRLLL!

I was so pissed that we almost got into a fistfight over his fee, but finally he agreed to knock off fifty bucks or so. That would have been at the Box Theater in Buenos Aires (Laprida off Avenida Santa Fe), August 2006. "orb) Jerking off for an old man and letting him videotape it for money--I needed some quick cash and he had an ad in the old Denver rag Out Front.

A couple of them ended up on my sweater (and dried before I could wipe them off), and I blushed in total mortification a few days later when my dry cleaner asked if I knew what the stains were.

Second whoriest moment is literally whorey: in my closeted post-collegiate youth, I picked up a dancer at The Gaiety, circa 1995.

I didn't know at the time, but he brought 3 other guys with him. I woke up the next morning in the room and drove home.

Went to the bars later and started chatting with one of the dancers. Ended up buying him breakfast and taking him back to my hotel room and fucking him (in that order).

In the 90s there was this phone line called 1800manhole or something like that. I was 17 and really naive, but was desperately horny.

On the phone he told me that he was 20, but in person he was at least 35 as were his friends. Ass full of cum, dried cum on my face and I couldn't shit right for a week.

Basically, I was tricked into taking all three of them after doing vodka shots. There was a point when thought I should go the doctor, but it got better.

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