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PLEASE EXTEND YOUR WORK TO INDIA , WE ARE VERY HAPPY TO WORK WITH YOU AND YOUR TEAMS AND MISSIONRAIES HERE AT UNREACHED AREAS OF INDIA.PLEASE SEND THE TEAMS AND MISSIONARIES TO INDIA TO WORK WITH US HERE IN INDIA OUR CONTINUED PRAYERS BE WITH YOU AND ALL PLS PRAY FOR US AND LORD WORK IN INDIA THNAKS IN CHRIST JESUS PANDU INDIA Thank you lord for you in faith with trusting to Jesus blood with victroy and enjoy in life with wiasdom and man yof treasure from heaven into our journey to heaven daily ,thanks and bles and pray,keijo sweden I appreciate the work you are doing.I am now a faith partner who would love to visit the college sometime. You people need to re-evaluate how you try and gain converts.Thank you for putting all these teachings on this site for anyone to gain access to.I wish I would have found it sooner but maybe I found it when God wanted me to. Dear Brother Andrew, We are learning about faith and confession from your ministry.American Christocrites are the dumbest in the world, being sucked in by Israeli rhetorical attacks on Islam while ignoring the following: 1.

This is a new age where old paradigms are broken as we embrace our divine feminine and masculine in moving to a higher consciousness.Many of us have hybrid DNA and are waiting for the right time to be the light bearers activating the earth to a higher consciousness. Also consider that Judaism teaches that David seduced Bathsheba when she was only seven years old and she gave birth to Solmon at nine!All religions will come together - Christians, Jews , Hindus, Buddhists and the power of the Christ will reside in each and every one of us. Enjoyed our talk and as we pray for each others Ministries may the Lord give us favor, wisdom and knowledge to witness the truth and beauty of the Word of God. Hi Rob, just a note to say how much Barbie and I enjoyed eating lunch with you the one day at Subway in Ephraim in June. Both Judaism and Islam countenance marriages at a young age.Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ! May the Lord Jesus richly bless you, your ministry, your partners and family. I live in a small village and I have my own ministry with my fellow pastors, orphan home and churches. We hope you and your family are doing well and that you had many opportunities at the Annual Conference recently. Also Mohammed had a far smaller harem than either David or Solomon.You are warm welcome to India to have your involvement in God's work if you are led by the Holy Spirit please feel free to respond for which I will be looking forward prayerfully. Thank you for all you and Tara do to reach the lost and thank you for all of your videos, etc. Have a great weekend, Blessings, Keith Jones To the CCU, wow! I had a two week disscusion with Doug Goucher, one of your members. And all the Christocrites who deny it are either ignorant or lying tools of the Zionists.

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