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A year later, Pearce tracks down Vega at a baseball stadium in the Parker Square district of Chicago.

After a fruitless interrogation about Vega's contractor, Pearce leaves Vega in the hands of his partner Jordi Chin.

Duties were shared between many of Ubisoft's studios worldwide, with more than a thousand people involved.

The developers visited Chicago to conduct field research on the setting and applied regional language for authenticity.

Watch Dogs is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective.

The player controls hacker Aiden Pierce who uses his smartphone to control trains and traffic lights, infiltrate security systems, jam cell phones, access the private information of pedestrians, and empty their bank accounts.

He and Lille discover that Wade has secrets on almost every citizen of Chicago, effectively protecting his gang from the authorities.

In-game invasions can be disabled, but this will also reset the multiplayer skill rank to zero.While investigating further, Brenks approaches Pearce with a request to find the other hacker from the Merlaut job.Upon Pearce's refusal, Brenks retaliates by kidnapping his younger sister, forcing him to comply with Brenks' demands.Hacking features were created with consultation from cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab, and the in-game control system was based on SCADA.The original score was composed by Brian Reitzell, who infused it with krautrock.

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