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This probably occurred because of the reasons shown in the response to (your) the first question and to the backlog in infrastructure which still exists in many countries.

Now, there are indications that we are approaching a period of significant increase for the industry.

In order to mitigate the effects of droughts, the role of reservoirs and tunnels interconnecting them for better management is obvious.

Question 4: Underground Spaces and Tunnelling planning have emerged as priorities among the policies of the United Nations.

High on the agenda of the WTC event in Bergen is the bringing together of stakeholders and highlighting the major issues in tunnelling that are likely to dominate the next few years.

The common passion for “going underground” must be turned into a new means for global responsibility.

In all these, the extensive use of information technology has brought significant improvement for productivity and reliability of tunnel excavation.

Question 6: Global societies have shifted over the years.

A good example is the recent Porto Maravilha Project in Rio de Janeiro.This was the case of the Boston Central Post Office Square.The growing awareness has reflected in an increase of the demand for underground solutions.Question 2: 2016 was another very successful year for the tunnelling industry. Are there already emerging trends for the tunnelling industry?Even during recent years when the global economic scenario was not the best, the tunnelling industry was experiencing some increase.

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