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She could play Squeaky if it were about that assassination attempt. actress Joanna Pettet, looked a lot like Sharon, unfortunately she's now in her mid 70s, way too old to play her in any film.Unless the film would be about Sharon's career, had she lived and what she'd be doing now. I agree with the choice of Rose Byrne, she looks a lot like Sharon, she just needs to have her hair dyed blond.Her features and body type aren't dainty or elegant, so she can look dumpy very easily. If Lindsay Lohan can be even thought of for the role of Sharon Tate, then anyone can play her. She was just another attractive big eyed blonde whose claim to fame is her death.I really see nothing wrong with Jennifer Lawrence getting the role if she can act the part.Tarantino needs to reach out to me," she told the gossip site.

Tate, who was older than Debra, was an actress whose star was on the rise after she received a Most Promising Newcomer Golden Globe nomination for 1967's "Valley of the Dolls."[bold]Though Sharon's portrayer has yet to be officially cast, Debra insists she should have a say in who eventually nabs the role — both personally, and legally, as she owns the rights to Sharon's intellectual licensing.[/bold]"I feel that Mr.She's right, Margot Robbie is physically the best suited. She is known too much for that in roles and talk show appearances. Robbie has full lips which weren't really in until the late eighties. JLaw is too big, she's not fat but Sharon was smaller and dainty looking, JLaw is more on the Amazonian. Another weird fact: Figure skating champion Peggy Fleming married the son of a doctor who treated President Kennedy at Parkland Hospital.Lawrence is good looking, and can look beautiful at times, but Tate had the same kind of unreal beauty that Jean Shrimpton and Angelina Jolie had at their most glamourous. Margot Robbie on the other hand is no beauty and looks nothing like Sharon Tate. And she is too "now." British people are better at portraying people in the past, it seems. Sharon Tate was one of the most beautiful women in the world. Years earlier she was a classmate in Morgan Creek, CA of Manson killer Susan Atkins. The best female role in the Manson story is that of Linda Kasabian, the one who testified against the others because she was the only one who didn't stay brainwashed.He needs to, in my opinion, portray her as she was and not sensationalize or go into a lot of these nut internet rumors."I hear ya, R17.I was just thinking that looks-wise, Stone might have been the better fit.

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